Friday, April 20, 2007

secret package

Sometimes I come home to this scene. Someone has disturbed our welcome mat from its regular flat-to- the-ground -in-front- of-our-door position. It does take me about 3 seconds to go from "What on earth?" to "Oh, we must have a package." Today it is a cartridge full of laser printer toner, having arrived via UPS Ground.

It is raining today, but the second floor balcony makes it such that there's no chance of our doorstep getting wet. Sure, there's a bit of wind, but it's not like the package is going to blow away. They must be using the doormat to decrease the likelihood of parcel theft.

I appreciate the additional effort the delivery person must have gone through to reach down and pull the welcome mat up over the box. But it also makes me wonder ... who do they think they're fooling?