Sunday, May 27, 2007

Empty Home

Both Elaine and our recent house guest left this weekend, leaving the place feeling a bit empty. Elaine's leaving was a bit more exciting than our guest's:

Her flight was scheduled to board at 6:45 AM on Saturday, and with laundry and packing, we hadn't gotten to bed until (well) past two in the morning the previous evening. She had set two alarms for herself, and I had one for myself. Never the less, we got up at 6:33 AM.

I specifically remember snoozing my alarm. I remember doing this many times. I also remember finally turning it off. Elaine doesn't know why her alarms didn't wake her up. Were they never turned on? Did she simply sleep through them? At 6:33 AM, I woke up (seemingly on my own), glanced at my clock, and then really woke up.

With very little delay we hurried out the door and zipped double-quick to the airport. Twenty minutes after we woke up, Elaine was stepping out of the car at LAX. Having checking in the previous night, Elaine managed to catch her flight.

Her take: "It's hard to run through an airport when you've recently given blood."